The Mirò Dental Medical Center makes the dental experience a more pleasant one.

Choosing the right dental treatment plan is like choosing where to spend a vacation in the mountains The key factors to evaluate are comfort during both journey and stay, safe arrival at the destination and affordability of services provided. The Mirò Dental Medical Center meets all those needs. Put us to the test!

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified team of dentists and assistants, we provide a trouble-free treatment plan that focuses on well-being.

Our team of specialised dentists will take very special care of you while minimising waiting times. And if your teeth need immediate treatment, we’ll give you absolute priority.

An extensive network of Mirò Dental Medical Centers, careful organisation and use of our own laboratories means we can keep costs down without compromising quality, with long-term guarantees on the completed work. Quality at the right price.

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