Model 231


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Gallmetzer Holding Srl has an organisational model pursuant to Leg. Dec. 231/2001 and a whistleblowing procedure pursuant to Leg. Dec. 24/2023. Please report any possible violation of rules and/or violation of law that may harm the interests or integrity of Gallmetzer Holding Srl as well as any possible violation of the organizational model to Organismo di Vigilanza of Gallmetzer Holding Srl, consisting of Avv. Stefania Defrancesco, lawyer of Studio Legale Associato D’Apolito-Pappalardo-Ortore-Lovati, and Dr. Giorgia Daprà

– in writing by e-mail to, by means of a closed envelope by post to Studio Legale Associato D’Apolito-Pappalardo-Ortore-Lovati, Via Cassa di Risparmio n. 5, 39100 Bolzano (BZ) or by means of a closed envelope put in the whistleblowing letterbox at the headquarters of Gallmetzer Holding Srl;

– orally by calling the number 0471/289293 with the possibility of requesting a direct meeting with Avv. Defrancesco and Dr. Daprà.

Modell 231

Codice etico

Procedura Whistleblowing